A family run business based by the shore.

There is so much charm that New England has to offer. Here at South Shore Candles, our mission is to remind you of that each and every day with a community driven spin. Society is a rush, and we think it is important to remind ourselves to slow down. What better way than to head over to one of the incredible places that we have so close to home? And for the days when you just can’t make it happen and you need that little bit of extra, we do our best in bringing your favorite places into your home.

We’ve taken our favorite spots and carefully paired them with a scent. You’re supposed to feel it, and our goal is to transport you straight to that place. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe you drive past it each day, maybe it’s literally in your back yard. Whatever it may be, we are strong believers that our candles can help to kick back, relax, and slow it down a bit.

For those who are far but hold these places near and dear to your heart, we got you. For those that are new to the South Shore but on the same wavelength, we got you also; discover your new home through us! And for the grizzled vets; we hope to earn your support, and hope you agree that we got this.