A family-run business based by the shore.

From its sandy, salty beaches to the fragrant evergreens of its mountains, there is so much natural beauty and charm that New England has to offer.  At South Shore Candles, our mission is to capture those nostalgic experiences and combine them with a local, community-centered focus.  Life gets busy, and we think it’s important to slow down and get back to the basics.  What better way than to head outdoors and enjoy some of the incredible places that we have so close to home?  And for the moments where you can’t get away, let us bring your favorite places to you.

Our hand-poured candles contain only the cleanest of ingredients, featuring natural soy wax as well as cotton and paper wicks.  We’ve taken our favorite local coastal spots south of Boston, and carefully paired them with a custom scent.  Our goal is to transport you to those special places in nature, and wrap you in the type of comforting, nostalgic experience for which we are known.  Interested in a completely personalized experience?  We offer a wide range of candle vessels, and are happy to collaborate with you to create a custom scent and label that matches the vibe you are looking for.  From our classic offerings to custom orders for both retail and wholesale clients, we are confident that we can help create your perfect experience.



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